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Khon Masked Dance Sala Chalerm Krung
Khon - Masked Dance Sala Chalerm Krung
Khon Masked Dance Sala Chalerm Krung
Khon Masked Dance Sala Chalerm Krung
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  Khon-Thai Classical Marked Dance at the Sala Chalermkrung Rayal Theatre
         On the Anspicious Occasion to the Throne, the Sala Chalermkrung Foundation, the Crown Property Bureau and the Tourism Authority of Thailand jointly organized the Khon-Thai Classical Masked Performance entitled "Pra Chakrawatan" during December 2005 - july 2006 at the sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre.
         The Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre now proundly present a new episode of Khon-Masked Dance entitled "Hanuman Chankamhaeng", an excerpt from Ramakien story. This performance is also to celebrate the Auspicious Occasion of the 60th Anniversary Celebrations of His Majesty the King's Accession to the Throne. "Hanuman" is a white monkey warrior, whose duty is to assist the righteous King "Rama" to fight with the demon King "Totsakan". The "Hanuman Chankamhaeng" performance depicts the life of Hanuman since he was born and became valiant soldier who helped king rama win againt Totsakan, and Hanuman was later promoted. This spectacular episode has 60 performers, with elaborate dress specially designed for this specific dance. It involves highly traditional singing, dancing, acting, acrobatics and music.
Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre  
Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre

Show time

Thursday 19:30 Hrs

Friday 19:30 Hrs

      At the order of Phra Isuan (Isavara), Phra Pai shoots Phra Isuan's divine power and weapons into Sawaha's month. Phra Isuan wishes her to give birth to a son who can help PhraRam(Rama). On Tuesday in the third month of the Year of Tiger, Sawaha gives birth to a white monkey - Hanuman, with four faces and eight arms. His hair is diamonds and his fangs are crystal. He magically yields stars, the moon and the sun from his month when he yawns. Sawaha orders her son to join in the army of Phra Ram - an incarnation of Phra Narai. While flying in the sky, Hanuman spots a garden owned by Phra Uma (Phra Isuan's consont). There, he recklessly eats and throws fruits. His misbehavior enrange Phra Uma, who curses him, reducing his power by half. She says the curse will vanish only after he meets Phra Ram and he touches Hanuman's back thrice.  
Khon Masked Dance Sala Chalerm Krung1

Khon Masked Dance Sala Chalerm Krung2
        Once the chief warrior Hanuman volunteers to survey route to Longka City. Phra Ram asks hanuman to talk a ring and breast cloth to Sida (Sita), Phra Ram's consort. When Hanuman meets Sida, he finds that she is about to hang herself, so he rescuse her. Heasks her to sit on his plam so that he can carry her back to Phra Ram. However, Sida refuses in case scandalous words are spread. Thus, Hanuman is asked by Sida to tell Phra Ram to rescue her. Hanuman gives her his promise. Before leaving Longka City, he kills Sahaskuman, Tosakanth's 1,000 offsprings. Hanuman volunteers to bring a box of tosakanth's heart, which is kept by Kobut Richi, to Phra Ram, and asks the Richi to take him to Tosakanth. By Hanuman's spell, the Richi gives Hanuman the demon's heart. Hanuman pretends to submit himself to Thosakanth, so the demin king adopts him as his son. During the battle, Phra Ram shoots Prommas arrow to kill Tosakanth, and Hanuman destroy Tosakanth's heart and ends his life. Thus, Phra Ram wins the battle and appoints Hanuman "Phraya Anuchit Chakkrit Pipatpongsa" then sends him off to rule Nopburi City.  
Khon Masked Dance Sala Chalerm Krung3
Thai Masked Dance at Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre shows Hanuman Becoming Phra Chakri’s Devotee – a synopsis.
(1 hr. and 10 mins.)
VTR: Introduction to the Khon performance on the Auspicious Occasion of H.M. KING BHUMIPOL'S Accession to the Throne
(7 mins.)
ACT 1 : The Birth of Hanuman the Mighty.   ACT2 : The Cursed and Weak Monkey
ACT1: The Birth of Hanuman the Mighty. ACT2: The Cursed and Weak Monkey
ACT3 : Chief Warrior to Navigate ACT4 : Rescue Sida - Eliminate Sahaskuman
ACT3: Chief Warrior to Navigate ACT4: Rescue Sida - Eliminate Sahaskuman
ACT5 : Causeway - building - Catches the Fish Queen ACT6 : Deceive to Get the Heart of Tosakanth
Causeway - building - Catches the Fish Queen
Deceive to Get the Heart of Tosakanth
ACT7 : Hanuman Defeats Tosakanth ACT8 : Chief Warrior to Rule a City
ACT7: Hanuman Defeats Tosakanth ACT8: Chief Warrior to Rule a City
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